Fly For Freedom

John Laity

Engineer & pilot with over 15 years flying experience. John came up with the idea for the project and wants it to inspire others to make a difference.

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Richard Meredith-Hardy

World Champion Microlight and expedition pilot, Richard Richard has already successfully conquered Aconcagua (22841 ft), Kilimanjaro (19341 ft) and Everest (29035 ft).

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Kirk Watson

Lived Antarctica for 6 years and qualified expedition guide veteran and mountain leader. Kirk is the first person to have shot an entire feature film “South of Sanity” in Antarctica.

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Dr. Matt Edwards

Spent two seasons as a British Antarctic Survey doctor. Matt is also an accomplished writer, artist and flim maker. He wrote, produced and starred in “South of Sanity”, the first feature film to have been shot in its entirety in Antarctica.

WO2 Matt Rasch-Sotinwa

I had a major brain tumour removed in 2008 leaving me totally deaf in one ear, partially paralysed on the left side. After learning to walk again, I trained for the 2012 Paralympics narrowly missing out on a Team GB selection.

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Pte Nathan Forster

Wounded whilst on patrol, a visiting specialist who had only just arrived in Afghanistan the same day saved Nathan’s leg. Nathan may still have an elected amputation, but this has not stopped him flying.

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Dave Sykes

On April the 28th at 11am 2011 British paraplegic pilot Dave Sykes set off on an epic solo, record breaking microlight journey from York, England to Sydney, Australia.

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Lt Col (Retd) James Harris

James served for 24 years in the Royal Anglian Regiment retiring in 2005 as a Lt Col. He has been mountaineering for over 35 years and he led a number of mountaineering expeditions worldwide.

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Mike Oakley QFI

Mike learnt to fly whilst living in Australia and since moving back to the UK has since flown and/or instructed on both fixed wing and flex wing aircraft in 16 countries as far afield as Denmark, India and Libya.

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Lt Col Simon Horne RAMC

Leading expert in polar/mountain medicine and also an A&E Surgical Consultant.

Capt Luke Sinnott

Captain Luke Sinnott was a Search Adviser in Afghanistan as part of the Counter IED task force. He was severely injured by an IED but saved by the hard work of his team on the ground and surgeons in Bastion.

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Cpl Alan Robinson

I am an aircraft technician in the RAF. In 2011 I was involved in a motorcycle accident as a result I had my right leg amputated. Flying has always been an ambition, so I am looking forward to this amazing adventure.

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Flt Lt Kat Janes

Aerospace Battle Manager in the RAF based at RAF Boulmer, Northumberland. I have always been an active person, enjoyed many sports and always up for a challenge.

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Charlie Martell FRGS

Royal Engineers Commando Raced on skis to Magnetic North Pole 2005. Rowed Atlantic New York City to UK, 2006. Attempted Pacific Ocean solo 2012. Rescued after boat damage by Typhoon. Specialises in mine clearance overseas.