Fly For Freedom

Our post-recovery flying activities demonstrate what is possible for often severely disabled people to achieve.  This can inspire those still in rehabilitation. We seek to enable recovery for our wounded, injured and sick, by supporting them through Microlight flying training.


Microlights are open cockpit “weight shift” aircraft and are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to fly. Training provides air experience at its most basic; Pilots are close to nature and exposed to the elements, making for an exhilarating and adrenaline filled adventure something they most often miss when forced to end their service careers.

Feedback from our trainees has proved to be overwhelmingly positive about the benefits they gain from the new found freedom discovered in flying…Flying for Freedom.



Pilots can study towards Assistant Flying Instructor and /or Display Pilot ratings. This allows them to train future pilots in our adapted aircraft, establishing a flying legacy. Pilots can also give back charities and organisations that have helped them by giving flying displays and flight experiences in support of fund raising.

Sponsors and Supporters are vital in helping us in what we do. Many also use our 25 hours of training to get to know potential pilots, providing them with work and training opportunities.